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Bernadette simplifies Spiritual principles and teaches powerful tools for transformation that create practical solutions for everyday issues. Her passion is empowering emotionally sensitive people with a deep understanding of themselves and their purpose.  Bernadette Dickinson is a Spiritual Teacher with Psychic Gifts, she has been transforming lives professionally since 2000. 


Psychic Reading

We will dig deep to uncover what is really going on in your life. Receive specific, clairvoyant guidance on how to capitalize on opportunities and how to avoid any obstacles in your relationships, career or finances.

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Transform Your Life

Charmed Life offers life changing, spiritual teachings and powerful tools for practical solutions that affect everyday life. Heal your past, destroy your fears and blow the lid off limitations. Create permanent change, confidence, strong self-worth in a fun, joyful way. 

Create A Charmed Life

Develop Your Intuition

Proper training in the Subtle Realms is important for your sanity and safety. Develop your intuition for personal  or professional use, this course will create a strong foundation. You will discover and grow your unique gifts.

The Ultimate Advisor


Knowledge, understanding and connection is the key to loving yourself and consciously manifesting your life. Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is wisdom. When you are in alignment with Yourself and God/Source Energy everything becomes easy. When you are out of alignment, you struggle with yourself and circumstances. Isn't it time you struggling and start creating.


Download a FREE 14 minute Make Healthy Choices Meditation. In this guided meditation you will release past choices that are creating guilt and shame. You will then be given a tool to make healthy choices, to increase willpower and create clarity when confused.

"Charmed Life has made a huge, positive impact in all areas of my life. The course helps to uncover deep layers necessary for growth and progress. There is so much value in it. The course is for anyone that wants increased abundance. "

Andrea Nussinow
Horse Breeder + Photographer

"Hands down the Charmed Life course has completely changed my life! The value of this curriculum is so monumental it should be included in schools everywhere!"

Brenda Sherman
Marketing Consultant

"Charmed Life proved to be everything it said it would be. It is truly a journey and process of beginning to question, uncover, shed light on all parts and layers of yourself that are holding you back from living the life you want and were meant to live. "

Spencer Nabeeta
I.T. Professional/Trainer


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