This brand new 4 week Program will provide you the tools and support to immediately relieve your anxiety and depression. You don't have to suffer in silence, help is HERE.



Gain the awareness and tools to break the root cause of your worry, sadness and anxiety.


Heal and clear the energy that is blocking you from having joy, peace and clarity. 


Sadness and worry create a cycle of repetitive action patterns. You will be given tools to break those patterns.  

Want immediate relief from worry, anxiety, depression and stress?

The link between your mental, emotional and physical health has been proven by science. Prolonged mental and emotional stress causes physical pain and illness. Using EFT Emotional Freedom Techniqueâ„¢ or EFT/Tapping, widely accepted by medical communities as a tool for Emotional and Mental Health, you can gain relief NOW!

Is Your Brain Wired for Anxiety?

If you experience anxiety for long enough, your brain may become "wired" for it. Once wired, the brain sounds a biological alarm. When anxiety becomes Chronic it causes you to constantly look out for potential threats, even when none exist.

In some cases, people are so used to feeling anxious that they fail to realize there's a problem and think it's normal. Once you accept anxiety as normal, your body and brain adapt and it becomes Chronic. Prolonged anxiety eventually leads to isolation, physical illness and depression.

You don't have to "live with it" any longer. 

Bernadette Dickinson is an experienced Gold Standard EFT™ Practitioner since 2002. She has used it to help clients with PTSD, Chronic Anxiety, Situational Anxiety and all forms of Depression.

In this 4 week Program you will have access to powerful EFT videos and audio. You will learn how to discharge and stop the emotional, mental and biological flow of anxiety, depression and overwhelm.


Attend the powerful Live EFT/Tapping Coaching Sessions with Bernadette. Weekly coaching is Wednesdays at 5pm Pac/8pm Eastern. Each session is 60 minutes and includes Live Tapping with 1:1 help on your specific issue.

Attending the Live sessions is the most powerful way to shift you through blocks and issues. During the 4 week program you will have access to these group sessions. All Live sessions will be held right in the private Facebook group via Livestream making it super convenient and mobile friendly. Each session will be recorded so even if you miss one live you can watch the recording. It's always helpful to tap again with the replay. The recording will also be uploaded to the course. It's never been so easy and affordable to get the help and relief you deserve.


In Lessons 1 & 2 you will:

  • Learn the key factors that cause sadness, anxiety, worry and how to stop them.
  • Relieve the mind chatter that keeps you stuck in a cycle of worry.
  • Learn Emotional Freedom Technique™ or Tapping, a powerful tool known for it's effectiveness in treating anxiety, PTSD, depression and physical pain.


In Lessons 3 &4 you will:

  • How to identify the root cause of your current mental and emotional stress.
  • Learn easy to follow steps to relieve worry, release debilitating emotions & heal.
  • Learn how to live without fear & worry.


Also included:

  • Learn the difference between reaction and conscious response.
  • Learn how to access peace and inner strength no matter what's happening. 
  • Learn how to take action in a new way to create lasting change.


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Anxiety Relief Bootcamp includes a new weekly:

  • Core Lesson Video
  • Exercise/Assignment
  • Live Coaching
  • Live Q&A Session

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